"I do appreciate the structure it gave me to think through a process and things to consider when being mindful [&] self-aware..."

"I really appreciate how conversational this session was even through the virtual landscape

which is hard to do."

"It gave me a balanced perspective of practical and inspirational suggestions on the tools and work needed..."


"They are creative in their approach to customizing their service to suit your organizations needs... they are experts and committed to the spirit of the workshops and delivering the best version..."

"I will be using the strategies demonstrated in my classroom."

"[The workshop] made me feel more empowered to start the work."

"I like how it involves dialogues, conversations, visual material, actions, instead of being a plain seminar"

"...[the workshop] allowed us to really delve into meaningful conversations about privilege, systems of oppression, and intersectionality"

"It's given me more perspective on 'the process' as opposed to more immediate effects/expectations..."

"The strategies given [allowed me] to be more comfortable having uncomfortable conversations about prejudice, race and intersectionality."

"[The workshop] exceeded my expectations."

"Enjoyable interactive activities."

"The workshop was informative and enlightening, I will be able to utilize this with my mentees."

"It would be great to have this workshop in my school."